How to fight the nightly demons of doubt

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night absolutely terrified about something you said/wrote/did? Did you offend someone? Are they going to think that you are stupid? Did you fail that compilers test? Have you lost your friend forever? Did you take the wrong path in life? Most likely one of those questions popped into your head at one time or another and kept bothering you for hours until you finally managed to get some sleep or until it was time to awake and start the new day.

Those hours of self-torture used to leave me absolutely exhausted when I was at school. A perfectionist, I would spend all night debating if I should have answered a question worth 2 points on a 100 point test differently. How do you overcome this sleep sabotage and save some energy for the day instead of fighting demons of the night? Here are the things I discovered when I awoke after the sleepless nights of self-doubt that continue helping me to this day when the doubting mind decides to go rogue at night.


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How to fight the nightly demons of doubt

Perseverance and courage to help others

In the light of recent political events, I can’t help but write a post about what we are facing today. More than 50% of the country felt betrayed last Tuesday, and after seeing so much disappointment, so much hate and despair, I feel like I need to write about perseverance. Fortunately, this is also a very important topic for a software developer to-be.

You can solve the bug (most of the time)

Most of the time, the bug you have been struggling with for hours, beating your head against the wall is just as simple as incorrect API call. Or a off by one error. Or your favorite one, addressing memory that has not been allocated to you (yay to Segmentation Fault!). Both in school and at work I encountered bugs that I first thought unsolvable, spent many hours and even days on them, but in the end, with the right amount of focus (and sometimes a beer) I successfully solved them with a disappointed exclamation “Are you serious?” Unfortunately, Trump will not go away in several hours or days, independently how many troll posts we post about him or how much beer we drink. But you can do something else in the situation, so read on.


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Perseverance and courage to help others