What did 2016 teach me?

As the year is coming to an end, I love to reflect was has happened during it and offer some advice from the lessons. For many 2016 was a scary year, and indeed it felt like it, but for me personally it was a year of being brave. What kind of brave things can you do in 2017?

Be brave to move to a different place

Boise, Idaho turned out to be a great place to start new American life as a 16 year old teen out of Russia and get excellent education. Sadly, at some point I felt that I was no longer growing there. This is when I knew it was time to move to a new place that offered what I was missing in my life – vibrant culture, new ideas, liberal outlook on life and lots of awesome technology work. In this new year, see if you are happy where you live – and if you are,that is awesome, but if you are not, then maybe it is time for some Baggins adventure!


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What did 2016 teach me?

Spell: How to do hand tracking on HoloLens

I am finishing reading Off to Be the Wizard book by Scott Meyer about a guy who dabbles in programming, finds a file that allows him to modify reality and travels to Medieval England to become a wizard. It is a fun and easy read, but the especially interesting part about the book is how it describes creation of magic through code. Reading through the book could not make me stop thinking that they are describing my experiences creating apps for HoloLens. You may not be modifying the real world per say in HoloLens, but you are seeing your hands do magic in the real world. Powerful stuff.


How can you create magic with HoloLens code?

HoloLens sees your hand as long as it is in front of the display (where the cameras are). How can you track your hand with code?


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Spell: How to do hand tracking on HoloLens