Everybody lies, constantly

Do people know what they are talking about?

Understanding that most of the students who confidently discussed the awesome projects they were working on were actually bluffing was the biggest realization in my life.

When I was a master’s student working in machine learning and artificial intelligence fields, I accidentally ran out of printer paper in my lab and had to walk to undergrad student lab where a couple students were working on a project. As they worked, one of the students recited facts about machine learning and the others nodded obviously fascinated by his extensive knowledge. None of the facts he claimed with such confidence were true had no solid ground to it, yet the students sitting next to the talkative guy did not know any better and believed what he had to say.

I walked out of that lab my belief system shattered. Since then I started to doubt anything a man says to me with confidence. The answer is no, people do not know what they are talking about.


What about experts?

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Everybody lies, constantly